Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom

Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms

Golden Teacher mushrooms have been around for a long time. They offer wise, philosophical lessons that make this strain aptly named. With these mushrooms, you’ll be taken on a mildly high psychedelic journey. They are perfect for all you shroom beginners out there who want to experience a spiritual ride rather than just trip. You’ll find that this strain is a brilliant gateway into the fantastical world of shrooms.
If you are looking for enlightenment and developing a deeper sense of connection to the
world around you, Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms will help you do just that.


Golden Teachers Magic Mushrooms Mycology

A classic large Psilocybin Cubensis species, this magic mushroom is majestic in culture than
most magic mushrooms. Cap 7-25 cm broad, convex at first, soon hemispheric, then broadly
convex, eventually flattening. Often cap margin is smooth, white, and splitting in age. Cap
surface covered with brownish fibrillose patches. Partial veil membranous, floccose with
patches of the veil, typically tearing to form a medium membranous annulus, but sometimes
with remnants attached to the margin at maturity, Gills pallid at first, soon grey, and then
golden brown when dried, soon grey, and then golden when dried. Stem cylindrical, solid,
tall, whitish, smooth, flesh which, often quickly staining blue when bruised. Growing singly
or in clusters, arising from stellar sites of dense stems leading to and often attached to the
stem bases. Offering a high psychedelic journey when eaten dried magic mushrooms. Buy Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom



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