Golden Emperor Magic Mushroom

Golden Emperor Magic Mushrooms

Are you looking for light visual hallucinations? Or are you searching for something more
transformative and fully psychedelic? If you answered to either of these questions, the
Golden Emperor strain is the one for you.
At smaller doses, these magic mushrooms will give you a wonderful bodily high,
accompanied by large bursts of creative and intense spiritual awakening. For those experts
taking larger doses, expect to have your mind altered into a world of transformation.
Golden Emperor Magic Mushrooms will truly blow your mind.

Golden Emperor Magic Mushrooms Mycology

Young magic mushrooms at first, robust, soon convex, expanding with age to broadly
convex, eventually smooth and golden when dried. Golden emperors can be white golden, off
beige to golden; smooth but can be covered with fine brown fibrils, which sometimes group
to form scales. Partial veil which, often doubled, breaking to form a median annulus. Cap
flesh whitish, thick, with thin gills, not attached to the stem. Gills pallid when young, then
golden when dried. Stem short, stout, firm, swelling toward the base for potent thick stems.

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