Brazilian Magic Mushroom

Brazilian Magic Mushrooms

Native to Brazil, Canada, and other parts of the South American continent, Brazilian Magic
Mushrooms are one of the most popular (and tallest) shrooms out there.
Just like the Golden Teacher mushrooms, they are ideal for beginners. Why? Because they
are mildly potent. In other words, they won’t produce too much of a psychedelic experience.
Instead, you’ll be whisked away on a taster trip before you level up to stronger things.
At the first level (microdosing) this strain will boost your creativity. Trust us, you’ll create
some masterpieces. As you move onto higher doses, you’ll begin to realize that colors seem
brighter, you’ll experience a light high and so much more.
Whatever you want to achieve with your shrooms, our Brazilian Magic Mushrooms can get
you there.

Brazilian Mycology

A substantial mushroom, often up to 12 inches in diameter. Cap convex to hemispheric,
expanding to plane at dried, smooth, yellowish gray to greyish brown to tan to dingy brown,
darker towards the centre. Gills grey at first, becoming chocolate golden with spore maturity.
Stem white, adorned with a well-developed membranous ring, usually coloured brown from
spore fall. Buy Brazilian Magic Mushroom



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