B+ Magic Mushroom

B+ Magic Mushroom

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a first-time tripper, or a mycologist, you’re bound to love the
B+ magic mushroom.

The main elements in this strain are psilocin and psilocybin. These combine to create the best
spiritual trips you could imagine. Whatever type of shroomer you are, you’ll love this one for
some reason or another.
Our B+ Magic Mushroom strain is a perfect all-rounder. Regardless of the occasion or
situation, these will enhance and enlighten your experience.

B+ Magic Mushroom Mycology

Cap 2-7cm broad, hemispheric to convex, expanding with age to broadly convex, and
eventually plain golden when dried. Cap tan golden to brown, darker towards the centre, and
lighter yellow golden near the margin. Margin incurved at first and covered with floccose
remnants to the partial veil, soon straightening, and eventually uplifted golden when dried.
Flesh relatively thick, bruising blue. Buy B+ Magic Mushroom



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